Michelle Hessel

Hidden In Plain Sight: 3D Printing | Installation | 3D Scanning

Hidden in Plain Sight

A mixed-media installation that shares stories of New York City street food vendors through interactive 3D printed sculptures of food carts and the people behind them.


Winner of the 2018 Interactive Awards - Communication Arts


Categories: Storytelling, 3D Printing, Projection Mapping, Installation

Tools: Photoscan, Blender, After Effects, MaxMSP

Role: End-to-end experience design



In this series of portraits, each work features video and audio merged into 3D printed high-fidelity sculptures of food carts and the people behind them – Ana, Dany and Thiru. The piece offers a new approach to documentary, merging older media formats with newer technologies.

As the narrative unfolds, minimalistic animations that complement the audio tracks are mapped on top of the carts:

Testing early versions of the experience with users helped define the right (and wrong) types of interactions:

Prototyping different sizes for the 3D printed models:

Defining the measurements for the container box: