Michelle Hessel

Kanye's Quest: UX | Game Design | Graphic Design

Kanye's Quest

Categories: Game Design, Graphics Design, Experience Design, Digital Fabrication

Tools: Unity 2D, Illustrator, Photoshop, CNC routing

Role: Designer

Collaborators: Joakim Quach, Katie Temrowski


Premiered at Feltzine X Superchief Gallery

Play online: www.kanyesquest.com

Kanye's Quest is a 2D arcade game in which your mission is to guide Kanye throughout his career challenges and most controversial moments of his professional and personal life. The game is composed of 6 levels and 5 minigames that culminate in a final battle against Kanye's biggest enemy: his ego.  This is an interactive storytelling pop-culture piece, inspired by one of the today's most polemic and influential individuals.

The game was developed in Unity 2D. I designed the level's graphics according to Kanye's albums and periods of his life:

Kanye's sprites change according to each level:

The other sprites in the game are inspired in people that had an important impact on Kanye's life. Characters such as Kim Kardashian, Jay-Z or Taylor Swift appear in different stages of Kanye's Quest as enemies or allies.

Kanye's Quest unique arcade cabinet design was inspired by Kanye's aesthetic choices and it has a K carved on its left side and a W on the right side: