Michelle Hessel

Magical Mystery Times: VR | Experience Design

Magical Mystery Times

Categories: Virtual Reality, Interaction Design, Installation, Prototyping, Fabrication

Tools: Unity, After Effects, Blender, Laser Cutting

Role: Designer and Developer


A virtual reality experience transforms the VR headset into a submarine periscope.

In the real world, a physical installation sets up the stage. The VR headset is transformed into a submarine periscope. This reveals the parallels between the two devices, in which both are traditionally used to observe different realities. The VR periscope is used to set the tone of the experience while helping us explore new ways of engaging in VR.

A button allows users to interact with the digital assets:


How it Works

Users start their journey inside a digital submarine, where they are part of a psychedelic world, filled with colors and music. There are four hatches on each side of the submarine and if users choose to look through these, they can interact with different events, people or movements that marked the decade. 

360 video "Above the Water":

Design Process

When there is no actor performing: A sleeping dummy is placed inside window 1. At window 2, we see her digital self sleeping on a cloud. Around her, other clouds carry her social media icons. As time passes, notifications keep accumulating on top of the icons, showing the number of missed posts.