Michelle Hessel

Meet Adam: 3D Scanning | Installation | Storytelling

Meet Adam

Categories: 3D scan, Storytelling, Documentary

Tools: Photoscan, Unity, Zbrush

Role: Designer and Developer


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Photoscan process for 3D scanning Adam.

An audiovisual 3D portrait of Adam, a NYC street vendor, that stands next to his food truck on the corner he has been selling bagels and coffee over the past 15 years. The scene is composed of models of Adam, his truck and by 360° photos of the street and inside of the food truck. The user is invited to explore an immersive view of Adam's life, viewing every detail of the man while listening to some of his life stories. With video, audio and 3D scanning, this portrait is a mix of still and moving image, merging older forms of photography with newer technologies.

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