Michelle Hessel

Sao Paulo: Design | Branding

Sao Paulo

Categories: Branding, Art Direction, Design

Tools: Javascript, Illustrator, After Effects

Role: Designer


Sao Paulo is the place I was born and grew up in Brazil. It is incredibly diverse in terms of culture, people, and nature. It is always in motion, evolving and developing. My goal was to create a dynamic brand identity that is as multifaceted as Sao Paulo itself. Some questions I tried to answer along the way:


Can we use identity to drive governmental organizations?

Could we influence how governing agencies think about themselves?

Can we reconnect all the departments under the government's responsibility?

The contextual nature of the logo works in response to the designed environment in which it exists. Using color we can create new iterations for each of Sao Paulo's organizations:

Playing with the way the pieces are positioned, I created icons that represent Sao Paulo's agencies and organizations:

The triangles create patterns that are used in office, merchandise and communication materials:

This visual language also sets the tone for a highly flexible range of applications under each organization that looks and feel the same without having to be the same: