Michelle Hessel

Stop Motion in VR: 3D Scanning | Animation | VR

Stop Motion in VR

Categories: Virtual Reality, 3D Scanning, Storytelling
Tools: Unreal Engine, 3D scan, Blender
Role: Concept, Interaction Design, 3D Scanning, Art Direction, UI Design, 3D modeling
Collaborators: Gal Nissim, Na'ama Keha

This project is part of:

  • Google's Experiments in Storytelling
  • 2017 Tisch School of the Arts GSO Grant
  • How would interactive stop motion animation exist in a 360 space?
  • What are possible and best-suited techniques to apply the stop-motion principles to Virtual Reality?
  • Can stop motion enhance the VR experience in different ways?

To answer these questions we created a VR experience with interactive 2D and 3D objects that become alive through traditional stop-motion principles.


When there is no actor performing: A sleeping dummy is placed inside window 1. At window 2, we see her digital self sleeping on a cloud. Around her, other clouds carry her social media icons. As time passes, notifications keep accumulating on top of the icons, showing the number of missed posts.