Michelle Hessel

The Wall Map: Installation | Experience Design

The Wall Map

Categories: Installation, Physical Computing, Data Visualization, Projection Mapping

Tools: Arduino, processing, Illustrator, laser cutting

Role: Concept Design, Interaction Design, Fabrication

Collaborator: Francesca Rodriguez


Wasn't globalization supposed to bring us together? The number of borders built between countries has increased dramatically over the past few years. The refugee crisis and terrorist attacks are some of the recent reasons for that. The Wall Map is a piece that aims to create awareness about the topic, frame a discussion about the consequences of these measures.

The Wall Map is an interactive piece that shows the walls that have been built since the 60’s until today and also the ones that have been announced but not yet been built. Using a control panel, the user can choose to see the walls that were up at a specific time in history:


Two users working together, standing on determined marks, can trigger on top of the map images of the borders and of the people affected by those.

Design Process